Life On The Edge: Mount Rainier

Today’s challenge by Ben Huberman is "Edge." I chose this recent picture taken from Mount Rainier’s Skyline trail. Mountains are incredibly hard to photograph, they are huge but DSLR sensors are very small. This mountain was even harder to photograph. It kept hiding behind clouds and it took us two whole days before we could see... Continue Reading →

Gathering Photo Challenge

Today’s photo challenge is “gathering”. I went back to my archive and fished out a picture from 2009 but I’m sure it could have been taken at any time in the past 2,000 years or more.  This series of shots was taken in the Pyrenees, beyond the Col de la Core pass in the Ariège, a... Continue Reading →


Some people think you can't take pictures on a rainy (or misty day in that case, but when in the mountains, it boils down to the same result). So when we decided to go hiking in the Pyrenees last August on a misty day, we realised the light was absolutely amazing. As in that still... Continue Reading →

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