Friendly challenge

This weekend’s challenge is “Friend”. I used to be a musician, now I’m only a musician by proxy as I have far too little time to practice. Last week we had a chance to tour the Riviera with the Paris 14th district choir and our friends from the Orsay Symphonic Orchestra. I have almost become... Continue Reading →


Gounod’s superb St. Cecilia Mass was his first work to be performed in public in Rome. Official name is "Messe solennelle en l’honneur de Sainte-Cécile”. Picture taken last week at La Sainte Trinité in Paris.

Musings About A Muse

What subject am I repeatedly taking pictures of? At first, I was a little puzzled when I discovered the topic submitted last night by the good people at the Daily Post photo challenge. And then it came to my mind that as the “official” photographer of my friends from the Paris Darius Milhaud Choir (of... Continue Reading →

Songs From Liquid Days

The hum of the refrigerator is the name of this group of artists responsible for the above installation at Chamarande. Not quite sure about the meaning of the name of this group nor that of the installation but it reminded me of a Song From Liquid Days by Philip Glass. Particularly apt for a fountain... Continue Reading →

Caroline Casadesus

  Caroline Casadesus is the daughter of famous French conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus, a member of a very well-known and influential Arty family. She is a Soprano and her interpretation of the wonderful requiem by Camille Saint Saëns is excellent. One of her sons is the very young and very talented jazz pianist, Thomas Ehnco. I shot this... Continue Reading →

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