Rose in Picardy (Macro)

Getting one's camera stolen is a severe blow. Not mentioning the cost. But I need to get back in the saddle and go on with my work. So I chose a picture I took a year ago in Picardy. Roses bring serenity and serenity is what I want at the moment.

the windmill

This windmill set against a dramatic sky in the North of the Picardy region was rebuilt no so long ago. Its wings are even made of steel yet this cannot be seen on the picture. [Full EXIF details click here]

the poppy fields … and graves (HDR)

Poppy fields are the archetype of the Somme, the north-western part of Picardy in the North of France, a superb and unknown region. My mother was born there, I have a lot of memoeirs associated with Amiens and its region. The area is also known for the battles of the Somme in which the British and Commonwealth armies have lost so many of their soldiers during the first world war. Poppy fields and graves is a poem dedicated to the war which took place in Flanders, a good many miles up North across the Belgian border. But the Somme region is also known for its mind-blowing views of endless red fields, which I captured in this HDR view. Full details page with exact location coordinates click here.

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