Just before lockdown no.2 (and 3 and 4 etc.), we were lucky enough to visit Chana Orloff’s exhibition.

It took place right outside her workshop, Villa Seurat, in the fourteenth district of Paris.

I was able to get inside and take pictures of the workshop, now turned into a museum.

Orloff was a Franco-Israeli artist, a native of Russia, who arrived in Paris in the 1920s and stayed there until her death (part from the war-period during which she fled to Switzerland to escape repression against the Jews).

The light there was absolutely beautiful. I was able to capture it. The atmosphere was really special.

A tremendous collection of sculptures.

Lurçat’s stepson, my favourite sculpture greeted us at the beginning of the open-air exhibition.

This exhibition of Chana Orloff took place on September 12, 2020.


This week’s challenge is “fun”. In fact I missed the past two ones as I was busy replenishing my photo album collection while touring the Pacific Northwest with the Wife. A few months ago we went with some friends in the Alps and we came across some very weird statues. The gentleman who creates them is a farmer and a sculptor. He sculpts them with a chain-saw, hence the funny eyes.


Most funny though was my friend Yves posing with one of these statues. I can’t tell which one of those two is the weirdest.


In May as we were in Cannes, I spotted that boat and then realised the this was a floating ice-cream van, I found it rather funny.


Lastly, an old picture of a lemur from Madagascar and their funny eyes. 

dourdan-DSC_0073They are even funnier in small groups of five or six.


They are funny but sometimes you can feel how sad they are even though they still look funny.


The tropical garden in Vincennes is a mixed bag of left over pavilions from the late 19th century international exhibitions, greenhouses, and office buildings dedicated to the study and preparation of tropical plants. It is also packed with interesting statuary, in various states of conservation. Above, Theseus is holding the Gorgon’s head … who is kind of chewing a leaf by  the way.


A stern statue representing Europe in a group depicting all continents.


A graceful, but unfortunately beheaded, oriental statue. The whole park is in a bit of a sorry state, which makes for interesting photography (colourised black and white in that particular case).

Place d’Iena in Paris, there is a statue of George Washington, which was intended as a (self-centred?**) gift by the USA to France for offering the Statue of Liberty. January 2014.

**[Feb 26, 2014] as to the gift being possibly self-centred, I wish to point my readers to Amanda’s note in the comments section, which emphasises that this is not true. At a moment when the great friendship between the American and French people is once more hailed, we’ll take this opportunity to rejoice over the end of the “Freedom fries” era and other drivel.