Friday Photo Challenge On The Move


Today’s photo challenge is about motion. Two days ago (that is right before I broke two of my toes by moving my desk to the other side of the office and dumping a huge weight on my foot!) I was visiting the St Georges area around my office. As I was fidgeting with my camera here came that man on a bicycle. I just had a chance to press the shutter release button and here he was. I think the man looks like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is almost dressed like him too. Anyway he looked like a good chap and a perfect subject for today’s challenge.

The Red Coat – Vivian Style


I have just come back from a stroll around St Georges. At a time when art gallery owners are smoking a cig in the doorway of their shops. I couldn’t help taking a photo in Vivian Maier style after seeing that film last night. I tried a black and white version but I think the top one works best.