Water Water Everywhere…

And quite a few drops to drink, to turn Coleridge into a liar. Here's for Friday's challenge entitled "liquid" On a very hot Spring day, when it was 29° Celsius in Vincennes, in April 2018. a tonic on ice was welcome on our bike ride in the forest. This time I didn't throw away the... Continue Reading →

Notre Dame du Travail in Paris

I'd promised my friend Heide that I would publish something about Notre Dame du Travail, that 1900 church with a metal structure (some of the workers who went to pray here had worked on the Eiffel Tower) in the 14th district of  Paris.  I went through all my files of the past 6 years in... Continue Reading →

Unlikely Event

I discovered the Ariege in the 2000s. It's a nice place, in the middle of nowhere where not much happens. Apart from gadding about amongts the trees  surrounded by beautiful mountains, not much unlikely happens. Fine, you might run into the odd bear (there are 40 of them now) but the buggers are rather afraid... Continue Reading →

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