Montparnasse: too old to rock’n roll, too young to die

I keep hearing that Montparnasse is no longer what it used to be, that the old spirit is no longer there, that the Montparnos, these bohemian artists aren't around anymore. Well, all the nay-sayers are at it to show that Montparnasse is a thing of the past, dead and buried. But rest assured you lovers of French culture, this is not true.

Sisyphus at rest and other pictures

These are 3 miniature watercolours [10cmx10cm] which I have just finished painting. Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyers Volcano in the Normandy city of Le Havre (left) to start with; Secondly, the Rose Garden in Blois, in the Loire Valley (right); And lastly, more surreal and metaphorical, Sisyphus at rest (below). For the benefit of those who... Continue Reading →

Klima’s glow-in-the-dark star-spangled wallpaper

Klima, aka Angèle David Guillou is a young and promising French songwriter who lives and works in London. I discovered her latest opus - the eponymous debut album Klima - at my local record shop (thank God some of them still exist and they still sell indie stuff like this) and I immediately fell in love with her very atmospheric and beautifully arranged record.

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