Paintings of Paris: Les Bouffes du Nord

Les Bouffes du NOrd

Les Bouffes du Nord is a theatre in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. It is an old theatre which was reopened by director Peter Brook in 1974. Les Bouffes du Nord is an amazing theatre. It was opened in 1876 and the beginnings were not very successful. The theatre was too far remote from the centre and the poshest areas of town. In 1952, it was declared too old and derelict and the owners had to close it down. Fortunately, in 1974 Peter Brook took over and decided to rehabilitate the old building. It is now a fascinating place famous for the accessibility of its stage to the public. The front row can even sit down on the ground on cushions. In this painting I decided to paint the balconies and the spectators. I might paint another one later on showing the stage and the amazing atmosphere. I love this theatre which is now located in a poor area north of the city, mostly inhabited by Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka. Small restaurants around with delicious and devilishly hot Sri Lankan food and strange bread in the shape of conical hats.

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