Galloping Horse

I was walking along the beach in Essaouira taking pictures of kite-surfers when, in a split second, I saw 2 horses pass. Fortunately, my Nikon D600 was at the ready, with autofocus on automatic (rather unusual for me) I pointed and shot and got this still of a galloping horse with the Scala (the Fort tower) and the mosque and the rest of the Medina in the background. If you enlarge this picture, you will find that the horse isn’t even touching the ground and is virtually hovering a few inches above the sand. Exposure time was 0.001 sec (1/2000) so the horse’s tail is perfectly sharp.

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    • Thanks for your comment, Kurt. I agree that this is an amazing place. Having said that, the country as a whole is really beautiful. I will post some pictures from the Atlas I took 3 years ago.

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