She Dances Alone – Josefina Di Candia – Casa de Argentina en Paris

Joesfina Di Candia

Why are these women here
Dancing on their own?
Why is there this sadness in their eyes?”


We met Josefina while shooting pictures at the Off Campus Students Housing estate of the Paris University. As we were approaching the Argentinian pavilion (Casa de Argentina) on our way back home …
the Argetinian pavilion
… through the window on the left we noticed people dancing Tango and were immediately spotted by Josefina who asked us to come into the building.

Josefina Di Candia

She greeted us very kindly and showed us around. I liked her lithographies a lot. Her exhibition is on until the end of May at the Casa de Argetina in Paris, so don’t miss it!

reverso de la tarjeta de Paris
reverso de la tarjeta de Paris

Find out more about her Art in Spanish at the following URL:

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