Poppy Field in the Somme (1) – HDR

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    • Vielen Dank, dreimalkunst. Maybe I should have made a note about all the German soldiers who are interred over there too. This war was one one the greatest disasters of all time and I hope it will never happen again. Mit Freundlichen Grüßen

      • Just think how portentous this photo is: it seems that every drop of blod that has been shed unnecessarily has turned into a poppy, and isn’t a poppy the symbol of decay and eternal sleep… It’s moving but still so peaceful, beautiful. Let’s hope it will never happen again.

    • Thanks for your visit, comment and also your great blog on World War I. I will get back to it. The area is situated north of Amiens, maybe 10-15 Kms up north towards Doullens and not far from Albert. It’s true that Doullens and its famous “côte de Doullens” is very steep. Yet, around Amiens the landscape tends to be rather flat northwards and also eastwards towards Corbie, where my Mother originates. HTH.

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