The Tour Paris 13 Contemporary Art Experience

Last October, street artists from all over the World were asked to decorate 36 apartments in a 1960s block of flats due to be demolished. The experience was amazing and I was one of the happy few who were able to visit the “tour” for a whole evening and take pictures at my leisure. Others were less lucky and had to wait in line for hours and see nothing.

One of the corridors, entirely redecorated. The door on the left is untouched. There were still people living in that building at the time.

Ghost-like figures bouncing off the walls

The painters painted the whole building from the cellar (too hard to take pictures down there unfortunately) to the top of the building. Here, street artists had decorated a ventilation shaft behind the stairwell.

The artist used a wall covered in mirrors to create this view of a purple tiger. Very clever.

Flowery wallpaper design.

One of my favourites, a French artist nicknamed Stew, who created this Nippon style design. Amazingly inventive. He recreated the interior so as to build a real world within the apartment.

Hard times: chalk on blackboard paint. So clever, and so gloomy too. Very Dickensian (yet Italian)

A more colourful expression. Brazilian I think.

Now, that was clever too: mixing photography and installations, made you believe you had just entered a warehouse; not an apartment. Brilliant!

Perhaps my favourite amongst favourites: this nifty collage was literally jumping off the wall!

Many many thanks to my friend Jerome Deiss for organising this visit.

It’s impossible for me to show them all here, but you can click this link and go to my Flickr space.

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