An Afternoon With Vincent (2)

Yes! This is the right town hall. That of Auvers, painted by Vincent. And the local officials have planted a few sunflowers opposite the building… nice touch for visitors isn’t it? And God knows there are visitors from all over the World in Auvers. Auvers-sur-Oise. September 2014

And here is the field in which Vincent shot himself and the famous Wheatfield with crows. There are still debates amongst historians as to whether that was Van Gogh’s last painting.

It wasn’t raining so we couldn’t quite compare the landscape of “the rain” with reality Clignement d'œil but it did look conspicuously similar to the painting even though the trees had been replaced a few times since then of course.

The famous church in Auvers. It seems that the lady in the forefront of that painting looks like the Dutch peasants Van Gogh was painting in hi youth. Talk about distorted reality…

His tombstone was cleaned and painted not so long ago and is much better kept than most of the other tombs around the municipal churchyard.

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