Eiffel Tower Curves

Eiffel tower

Today’s challenge is “curve”. I didn’t have to go very far to find curves. They are all over the place. I decided to focus on the Eiffel Tower area (this is where the Euro 2016 fan zones are but I won’t show you female football fans’ curves). The Eiffel tower is all curves. Easy.


In those days, industrial architecture was beautiful. One must remember however that many intellectuals petitioned the government for the Tower to be dismantled.

Bouchard's statue - Palais de Chaillot

Behind the Eiffel Tower, the 1930s Trocadero building. All curves again.


A bit further up North, and you reach the Dauphine metro Guimard Art Nouveau station.

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  1. Paris is a very curvaceous city, through you lens! (Perhaps this is why I often refer to Paris as my “mistress.” Ha ha.) That first image of the Eiffel Tower is a triumph, though — because it is completely original. Among the many thousands of images I’ve seen of la tour Eiffel, only yours has seen it from that angle. Well done.

  2. Amazing Yann ! Photograph of the Eiffel’s base arches is beautiful. It perfectly captures the grandeur and scale of this steel structure. 🙂

    I feel old styles and structures were beautiful and rhythmic. Modern structures are flat, orthogonal and dry :\

    • Thanks! Some modern structures are stunning too. Some aren’t. Don’t forget that intellectuals in the late 19th century petitioned to have the Eiffel Tower taken down. Guimard, who is the architect of the few remaining Art Nouveau “Style Nouille” metro station wasn’t much liked either. A lot of his metro stations were taken down because the public didn’t like it at all. Art Nouveau was, by and large, despised. And Art Deco, similarly. 1950s architecture and the Bauhaus were hated by all, and Le Corbusier’s famous Villa Savoye in Poissy left to rot for 30 off years before it was restored and is now a permanent museum dedicated to architecture. We live in a 1970s building and we hate this architecture. But our young ones love it. Etc. etc.

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