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11nov lux DSC 5070

Depth of field and bokeh are my favourite subjects. When I saw David’s challenge yesterday I went back to my archive, and found this Nov 2012 album, all shot with a 50mm f:1.4 lens all around my place in Paris, mostly around the Luxembourg gardens. First, a very sharp shot of the Explorers’ fountain in Port Royal. So much water the scene is blurred by millions of droplets frozen by the high speed of my camera.

11nov lux DSC 5051

Cherubs looking towards the Pantheon in the background.

11nov lux DSC 5037

A bunch of flowers works wonders.

11nov lux DSC 5039

Autumn leaves.

11nov lux DSC 5047

One of them had got stuck in the fence of the park’s tennis courts.

11nov lux DSC 5074

Traffic cones. No, we’re not in England. Mostly used to prevent cars from parking on a film shooting scene as there are so many in the area.

11nov lux DSC 5079

19th century building rue du Faubourg St Jacques.

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  1. I am a-swoon over your images, Yann. If bokeh ever could be described as “delicious,” I would certainly apply that term to your work — especially the photo of the two cherubs with the barely recognizable Panthéon in the background. The leaf in the fence and the cones are particularly wonderful too; a reminder that a sharp eye (pardon the pun) can elevate even the mundane to art.

    • That’s very kind Heide. Still got a lot to learn but indeed that autumn series from Nov 2012 was a success. Went to your blog in search of a sequel but no luck. Hope you have time to get back to blogging soon.

      • I must compliment you on your persistence in visiting my blog for a sequel — and also thank you for your encouragement, Yann. I began working on the next batch of photos this morning so will hopefully finally find the time to post something soon.

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