t'as voulu voir Vierzon

Vierzon, thanks to Belgian singer Jacques Brel, has become a bit of a joke. Something needed to be done for that city. Even though it seems that it’s a tad bit too late.

July 29, 2017

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  1. My husband, our friend Des and I got stuck in Vierzon this spring after an unfortunate train mix-up. We would rather have spent the afternoon in Amboise, but the kindness of the citizens of Vierzon toward the three hapless tourists made up for (most of) the disappointment. It’s perhaps not the most picturesque of towns, but as your photo shows one can find beauty anywhere if one looks for it. Thank you for the fond memories and the smile, Yann!

    • OOps. Sorry Heide, I had missed that comment of yours. My app notifications have gone AWOL and it’s a bit of a struggle to find who has commented on what (in fact I have so many blogs, this is what is making it difficult to keep track of things). Anyway, your comment is right and I’m glad you have found people helpful, as it’s not always the case, to say the least. I have posted a new picture about the Pyrenees to add to my Summer collection hope you like it.

      • I’m relieved that even a seasoned blogger and interactive marketer as yourself sometimes struggles to keep up with his internet properties, Yann — I feel a tiny bit better about my own shortcomings. And thank you for linking to your Pyrenees photo too! My God … what a stunning place. You’re right in saying there are no words to describe it.

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