Out Of This World

The E.N.A (National School of Administration) in Paris is located in the former buildings of the so-called “Colonial School”. Fig trees and Moorish buildings would give you the impression that you are out of this part of the world, in Algeria [Sept 2017]

33017523286_86b427d72c_kEven closer to my block of flats, St Dominique, a church which was built in 1914. Wrong timing it was, for sure. The builders had to put down their tools and resume work in 1921. The all-concrete byzantine church would make you think you are in Constantinople. Not so, Not so. [Feb 2017] 35350560636_1a0a83fd15_kThis boat looks like it is moored in a remote southern port. In actual fact, it’s a barge on the river Seine. [2017]
24003855768_8795480b33_kThis isn’t a shot taken from a quaint little village in the centre of France. Rue des Thermopiles is located in the 14th district, a stone’s throw from where I live. [Sept 2017] 25183967607_7c47877b78_kIf you didn’t catch a glimpse of the Iron Lady in the background, wouldn’t you think you are in Russia? New Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Pont de l’Alma. [Jan 2018]

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  1. What a fantastic set of unexpected images, Yann — they truly are “out of this world”! I love your interpretation of the challenge itself too. If you should ever happen by the Sun Day barge when the owner and her dog are puttering about, I encourage you to stop and say hello. She is quite a photographer in her own right and has a fascinating background.

      • Small world indeed! The barge resident in question is an acquaintance I saw getting on this boat one morning. I asked if it was hers and complimented her on the adorable rubber ducky collection, which I’d watched grow over the years. She invited me on board and we had coffee! I didn’t get to see her again because a back injury pretty much kept me in bed my last few days, but hope to see her again on this visit.

      • Great advice, Yann. And I’ve taken it! This time it’s a much wider staircase, and there’s also a lift. 🙂

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