St Michael’s Mount – Cornish version


I knew St Michael’s mount in France but I had yet to see the Cornish version, a little way off the cost from Penzance. We enjoyed first class clouds on that day.


Kelp über alles.


A nice stroll all the way back to Penzance

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  1. “Kelp über alles.” Ha ha! In your gorgeous photos it looks a bit wilder than its French cousin (in terms of vegetation at least) and less-traveled. Would you say it’s worth the trek?

    • Photographers are liars Heide. Not really in fact. Lest travelled, indeed even though there is already far too many tourists in my mind (loads of Italians namely who seem to enjoy the natural air conditioning). The French equivalent is a no-go area in Summer now. Yet there are some very wild places on the shore in Normandy and bird reserves etc. Between Penzance and Marazion, there is a railway track tucked between an “A” road and the sea, in fact it looks a bit built-up like the French Riviera (actually, this is not far from the English riviera if you are familiar with Fawlty Towers, it is supposed to take place in Torquay). There are now over 67 million people in the UK, 2 more than in France on a territory roughly speaking twice as small. The result is 395 people per square km in the UK vs 122 in France (34 in the US, 70 in Ireland). The result is an impression — not just an impression — that there are far more people than here. As matter of fact, coming back from London and returning to Paris after 4 years gave me the impression I was leaving a big City and settling down in a small provincial town (in fact some areas of Paris are very very quiet, such as parts of the 14th or even the 15th districts, some would even say boring). I recommend this French Canadian site for details on densities of population

      • I learn so much from you, Yann! I simply had no idea of the comparative population densities. Well … you are an excellent photographic liar indeed, then. 🙂

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