Candlelight dinner party in Léran

It’s a beautiful nineteenth-century house in Léran, in the Ariège, a dozen kilometres south of Mirepoix. The house is jam-packed with antiques and works of art from various periods. What I prefer though is the garden. In the summer, when we get there in August, we often have drinks and dinner parties outside.

The garden and above, a giant wisteria.

The Art nouveau window in the background would be worth a blog post in itself.

Candles everywhere.

Getting ready for dinner.

I never fail to bring my camera for the light is beautiful. a mixture of electricity and candlelight.

Above the door that leads to the garden.

Bringing in more chairs for the dinner party. Mr Frog is watching

Seen from above.

Candlelight and starlight too. 

Candlelight dinner

My favourite shot

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