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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Autumn leaves in Aix les Bains

Autumn leaves is a recurring theme, and now is the right period for this kind of pictures. Here’s a series of shots taken on October 31 in Aix les Bains. Above, a beautiful 1900s building. I really need to get rid of these awful green posts on the right though. It’s a never-ending discussion with the wife : should I tweak this photo to make it more beautiful, and distort reality, or should I leave it as is even though it […]

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Remarkable houses in the Ariège

Remarkable houses abound in the Ariege, in the Pyrenees. This is especially the case for Saint Lizier, on top of the beautiful 12th-century cloister (above), as in the picture below with this strange bodiless character. Saint Lizier Cathedral is a Romanesque Catholic cathedral located in Saint-Lizier in the Ariège region […] The cathedral, dates from the 11th, 14th and 15th centuries. It has a superb Romanesque cloister, also a listed historic building. The town has been listed as a UNESCO World […]

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Topiary Art, peacocks and other animals

Topiary Art is something I’d seen before, even though I must admit I’d never heard the noun. My wife and I went to a wedding ceremony in Brittany last July. We were invited to this beautiful place near Combourg. Here are a few pictures including those with this Topiary Art thing I’d never heard of before. Topiary Art, peacocks and other animals I was stricken by the beauty of this place with architectural ornamentations from what looked like the 17th […]

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