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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Paris in Spring

Paris in Spring on a balmy day shot rue Jacob in the 6th district, one of the poshest. There’s something crooked about that front door on the left and it’s got nothing to do with my wide-angle lens. AS Spring is conducive to poetry, here’s a little poem by Paul Eluard, one of the founders of the surrealist movement. As it’s surreal it’s got nothing to do with Spring. But it’s a poem about Paris nonetheless. In Paris In Paris there […]

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Spring in the Forest

This is Spring. At last we can catch a glimpse of the sunshine. And hike in the forest. At least we could a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago we went to Bois le Roi by train. It’s a nice memory because now we’re stuck at home again. This pandemic is wearing thick. The weather was really nice and we were able to have a picnic in the forest. Not too bad for early Spring, and a relief after […]

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Art Deco architecture, Tour d’Argent and St Genevieve

Art Deco Architecture is one of my favourites. I love Art Nouveau too as you already know, but I think Art Deco tops the list anyway. Tour d’Argent is a famous restaurant. Let’s be honest we’ve never been there. I suspect only millionnaires go there and I’m not yet part of that lot. No doubt I’m working very hard but I have no particularly wish to be one of them. Anyway, Tour d’Argent is on my way home when I […]

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