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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Parc Montsouris

With the lockdown (one more time!), we are once again forced to stay home. At best one can travel in a 1 km radius around one’s block of flats. 1 km is exactly where it would take you if you walked from my place, a bit further south, in Montsouris. A funny name which would sound a bit like “Mousehill”. I definitely prefer Primrose Hill for that matter. Well, anyway, we are not allowed to travel, be it to London […]

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Adios Bahamas

Adios Bahamas – Street Art Paris 2020 The mural was painted as a tribute to Nepal, a budding 29-year-old Paris rapper who died at the end of 2019.  “He was about to release his first album, which will be released posthumously at the beginning of January 2020”  

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Chana Orloff’s open air exhibition

Just before lockdown no.2 (and 3 and 4 etc.), we were lucky enough to visit Chana Orloff’s exhibition. It took place right outside her workshop, Villa Seurat, in the fourteenth district of Paris. I was able to get inside and take pictures of the workshop, now turned into a museum. Orloff was a Franco-Israeli artist, a native of Russia, who arrived in Paris in the 1920s and stayed there until her death (part from the war-period during which she fled […]

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