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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Val-de-Grâce: a Saving Grace

The Val-de-Grâce church is much of a saving grace in a neighbourhood which suffered in the hands of ruthless brutalist architects from the 1970s. Val-de-Grâce (the valley of grace literally) is a beautiful name. Val-de-Grâce, a Saving Grace The ‘Val-de-Grâce * is the earliest military hospital in France. The magnificent church and its monastery were built by Anne of Austria, the wife of Louis XIII, to thank God for the birth of her son, crowned as Louis XIV. During the revolution, the […]

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Northern Doorways Around Boulogne

Northern Doorways aren’t grand, they often lead to modest houses in working class areas where unemployment is high and income is low. I lived in the North of France for a long long time before moving to Britain and, later on, to Paris. Whenever I go up North it feels like going home even though I left that place a long time ago now. Northern Doorways Around Boulogne I suspect one never quite forgets the place one was raised in, it […]

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Z for Zorro en route to Blois Chambord

Some time ago we took the train, a grey train with an orange Z, a Z for Zorro. Even if it wasn’t lightning fast, it took us to our destination, if I may say so, since we were going to Blois and Blois isn’t by the sea but by the Loire. And the Loire doesn’t match up with the sea, it goes without saying (Between Orleans and Blois the flow is much is lower and there are many sandbanks). Blois […]

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