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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Sunny day in Villennes-sur-Seine

Villennes sur Seine is a dainty village, roughly 25 miles west of Paris, France.

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Chartres – Cathedral

Chartres – June 2021

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Girl with Balloon in Arcueil

Everyone knows “Girl with Balloon”, the archetypal Banksy stencil mural. Girl with Balloon or Love is where the bins are This version of “Girl with Balloon” is not set for self-destruction and cannot be shredded. When the household in Arcueil, a wee suburban town not far from where we live, is taking out the bins it can however be renamed “Love is near the bins”. Banksy should not be able to sue the authors of this meme for I doubt […]

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