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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Iceland poppies

Iceland poppies at Jardin des plantes in Paris – May 2021

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Driftwood sculpture

Driftwood sculpture is very popular, but it’s not always successful. Lately, I stumbled upon one in Sallenelles in Normandy and I was stunned by its beauty and the metaphor it depicted. I love sculpture, my readers know already about that, I have published a good number of posts on statuary et al, but here is sculpture of another kind, anything between land-art and statuary, taken at Sallenelles, a stone’s through from Merville, a place of History where one can visit […]

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Postmodern modernist architecture in Montsouris

Modernist architecture is no longer flavour of the month. Yet it can be interesting at times. I was somewhat puzzled when I saw that building. Strictly speaking, it can’t be classified as modern architecture. Here’s what Riba has to say about that movement. Rejecting ornament and embracing minimalism, Modernism became the single most important new style or philosophy of architecture and design of the 20th century. It was associated with an analytical approach to the function of buildings, a strictly rational […]

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