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Working on the portfolios of the antimuseum

I’m working on the portfolios of the anti museum right now. The task is huge, and it’s very exciting too. Working on the Anti museum portfolios As the writing on the window above states, no one knows when restaurants will reopen, nor museums, cinema houses, theaters, and the rest of it. Much as it’s getting on everybody’s nerve, one can always look towards the future and make preparations for the “new normal”, which hopefully won’t be like today’s. Rome and […]

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La Bluette – Art Nouveau

La Bluette: an Art Nouveau house by Guimard La Bluette is an art nouveau house built in Hermanville in Normandy, France by Art Nouveau architect Hector Guimard. “Bluette” is a literary term for spark. More often than not, the term also means some sort of minor, witty and unpretentious piece of lirerature. In the above context, where “La Bluette” is the name of the villa, it could just be word play around the colour of this half-timbered Art Nouveau house […]

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Behind the scenes – Versailles

Behind the scenes, one understands that appearances may be a trifle deceptive. To most people, and not just tourists, Versailles will look like the above picture. Rowing boats, canals and a grandiose château. One will take the train to the Versailles Rive Gauche railway station and scutter from there to the château and back and then back on the train to Paris. And doing that they will be under the impression that everything in Versailles is top-notch. Yet, a few […]

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