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Behind the scenes – Versailles

Behind the scenes, one understands that appearances may be a trifle deceptive. To most people, and not just tourists, Versailles will look like the above picture. Rowing boats, canals and a grandiose château. One will take the train to the Versailles Rive Gauche railway station and scutter from there to the château and back and then back on the train to Paris. And doing that they will be under the impression that everything in Versailles is top-notch. Yet, a few […]

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Art Deco Railway Station in Versailles Chantiers

Versailles Chantiers is one of the many railway stations in Versailles. This one is a little bit further away from the Chateau. Its name is derived from the building sites (“Chantiers” in French) where the stone-carving workshops were located. In a nutshell, this is the place where the stones were prepared for the building of the chateau in the 17-18th centuries. Since the 1930s it’s been the location of a new railway station. It was bombed during the war, but […]

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A river runs through it

A river runs through Paris, it’s a fact. Two rivers I should say because the Marne is the Seine’s tributary and it merges into it right at the beginning of the City in Ivry. This picture has nothing to do with the film or book of the same name, and I won’t try and spin a yarn about fly fishing in the Seine. In fact, I strongly advise against that, even though water quality has gone up quite a bit […]

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