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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Topiary Art, peacocks and other animals

Topiary Art is something I’d seen before, even though I must admit I’d never heard the noun. My wife and I went to a wedding ceremony in Brittany last July. We were invited to this beautiful place near Combourg. Here are a few pictures including those with this Topiary Art thing I’d never heard of before. Topiary Art, peacocks and other animals I was stricken by the beauty of this place with architectural ornamentations from what looked like the 17th […]

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love songs Montmartre

La vie en rose or singing in the rain in Montmartre

Paris and its love songs, l’amour, toujours l’amour as the saying goes. La vie en rose is Edith Piaf’s most celebrated song. A few weeks ago we took a stroll around Montmartre with a young street singer who showed us around places. With her love songs, Anne Sophie rekindles the spirit of the old Montmartre, which is still remarkably parochial, despite the swarming of tourists all around the “butte”. Here we were gadding about and each time we encountered a […]

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Back to the shack

This back to the shack post is about a photo I made a few weeks ago as we went to the East of the big City to the Haute Île park a place which nearly became yet another concret jungle chock-full of high risers and motorways. Fortunately, anytime one wants to build something anywhere, archeologists are mandated to carry out excavations by law, in case one finds anything like remains of people or ancient buildings or other. Thank God, those blessed […]

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