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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

The Red Brazilian Residence

The other day we were visiting the Cité U for the umpteenth time. It’s funny how you can visit some places a hundred times and still discover new things. That was the case on that dreary January day outside the Brazilian residence (built by architects Le Corbusier and Lucio Costa). I was looking into the empty building when I caught a glimpse of a reflection I found somewhat interesting. It turned out the picture was a total dud and just as […]

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Paris’ oldest clock

It’s the City’s oldest and a brilliant piece of watchmaking at the corner of the Conciergerie in the heart of Paris. I read on that page that it was 47-metre long but it’s hard for me to figure out. This must be a typo. Anyway, I agree with them, one can pass by it without noticing it. And so I did for many years, whizzing past it on my Brompton. This clock was “[…] commissioned by King Charles V in 1370 and […]

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Colourful skies

We spent our winter vacation lockdown in Normandy. The weather was so cold, wet and windy that it was barely bearable. Despite the sub-zero temperature, I was able to press the shutter button through my mitts… Well, it wasn’t that bad, but it really was bitterly cold. The weather was changing and unpredictable, yet conducive to beautiful mottled skies like this one.

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