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Random musings about photography, watercolours, my surroundings, life, philosophy and planet Earth

Small Townhouse in Versailles

There is something weird happening with my Flickr account and pictures. Sometimes I post pictures I deem rather successful and yet they attract few eyeballs and get no kudos. At other times, I post OK pictures like the one above after much hesitation — should I post it or should I not? — and there we go, likes keep flowing in. Why so? OK, this little townhouse in Versailles may mean something to me and it’s even somewhat interesting but […]

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Behind the front door

Last week in Versailles as a family was leaving that building, barely a stone’s throw from the celebrated chateau, I managed to sneak in and take that picture right before the door closed. December 2020

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Age of self

This is the age of selfie

Petite ceinture – November 2020 I’m perfectly aware of Wyatt’s political bias, and I must admit that I don’t share his views. Yet, this song from the early 1980s has been in my mind ever since and I can’t help thinking of this song whenever I see a selfie being made. I thought it would be slightly ironic too, to make a portrait of a selfieist (selfist?) Hopefully, this silly habit will die, one day. They say the working class […]

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