We spent our winter vacation lockdown in Normandy. The weather was so cold, wet and windy that it was barely sustainable. Despite the sub zero temperature, I was able to press the shutter button through my mitts… Well, it wasn’t that bad, but it really was bitterly cold. The weather was changing and unpredictable, yet conducive to beautiful mottled skies like this one.

Seattle, Wa USA

Today’s Friday Photo Challenge theme is “relax”. I chose this picture of two young ladies relaxing in the Queen Anne district of Seattle, overlooking the bay (right) and the City (left). I took this picture in the twilight, the atmosphere was beautifully relaxing I found. 


Yet, there is nothing as relaxing, in my eyes, as Mother Nature. Above, Mount Rainier. It’s amazing that one can see greenery at this height. Rainier is almost as high as Mont Blanc but greenery in the Alps will stop a little above 5,000 feet (1,500 m), here we were twice as high at 10,000 feet. We had never seen that, and God knows we know about mountains since we have a house up there in the Pyrenees.


One doesn’t need to get that far to be relaxed. A mere 50 miles from the City centre of Paris, one finds the old impressionist hotspot named Rolleboise, overlooking the Seine. On that day (sometime in May 2012), rapeseed was blooming, colouring the fields yellow and overpowering the air with its potent Spring smell. 

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Roy-g-biv is the somewhat quizzical photo challenge of today organised by our friends from dailypost at WordPress. As I gathered it meant “all colours of the rainbow” I believe that there was nothing better than showing a picture of a rainbow. That one was taken in Rueil Malmaison, as we were taking a stroll on a Sunday afternoon with friends. Suddenly a huge thunderstorm broke out and we had to take shelter. Fortunately I was in sight of this beautiful rainbow. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do with that picture but now I know and it saved my skin for that challenge!