Studio Photography

Today’s theme is experimental and nice Krista let us choose what we wanted so I went for an experiment of mine at the former St Vincent de Paul hospital (aka “grands voisins” until it disappears next Summer; sigh…) In the basement of one of the former hospital buildings there used to be a surgical block. Christopher, a rather nice and excentric American guy, was our host. He is the fourth eye of the “4ème oeil” photo artists foursome. He is the one stepping on the roll of paper. Behind him was Christophe, a — no less excentric — French photographer who had hired the studio too. I had decided to go there to experiment with portraits. I have neither enough space nor kit to do that at my office.

Studio Photography

The entrance to the “studio”. I hope they keep this with the new buildings, it’s nice to be able to hire the place for a shooting.


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Meet Sergio Pomodoro (not his real name), an Italian chap I met at a meet up yesterday afternoon. We were sitting on the ground, trying to catch our breaths after an exhausting tour of artists’ workshop in Paris 6th district and he spotted my camera. So he asked whether I could take a mugshot of him for his Meet up and Facebook pages. It was very sunny yesterday and he was quite taken aback when I asked him to pose in the shade in front of a nondescript wall. Of course, shooting portraits in full sunshine will result in ugly shadows, that’s the reason why. Oh by the way, he is into hard rock concerts, but I believe you have guessed as much.


I spotted that guy yesterday while browsing the Saint Ouen “Les Puces” flea market. He was selling trinkets and chit chatting with colleagues around him. On his counter sat prominently a mock speed camera on which there was a “Girlie Speed Camera” label. I asked hime whether he’d been able to pick up some chicks with that trick and he confirmed it had worked well for him. He might not sell many of his trinkets but at least he got something from the job.

A little while ago, I took a whole set of pictures from Jian and Nicolas’s wedding. Jian is from Beijing and we have known her for 6 or 7 years now. She has kindly agreed to let me share some of her pictures with you. This was my first go at wedding photography, and also flash portrait photography, and it served as a test as much as it was meant to give a hand to my friends.
My preferred shot from the series. There are many other good shots but I loved this one best, with the romantic natural background from that beautiful part of the East of France.
Jian’s shoes we’re quite stunning, I couldn’t miss them.

the remainder of the public flickr set, 9 photos taken from the whole set
Couserans” is the name of a province within the district of Ariege, some sort of indomitable Gauls type of area in which things look, to the untrained eye, exactly how they used to be in the past. This is our safe haven in the Pyrenees, where we have our mountain house, a place which serves as an antidote to our modern and hectic life. Each year, a pageant is organised in Saint Girons (above), at the foot of our mountains, to show how peasants and people used to dress and live in olden times (hence the title of the outdoor show). I selected a few pictures from that pageant. Here is part 1 in this series.
Geese were, I was told, the new guest stars of the pageant
In Bethmale, a South-eastern valley in the Couserans, clogs aren’t to be trifled with!
Some kind of “bombard” player from Bethmale
Nice (thick) handlebar moustaches Monsieur!

On our way to the Pantheon, a 15 minutes’ walk from where we live, we stopped by this Iranian crafts shop we know well for buying a superb Sirjan kilim carpet a few years ago. There we were greeted very kindly by Maestro Laurent Galili, as stated on his website, “a leading virtuoso on the Santur, with fifty five years professional experience both in his native Iran and in France”. He also gives concerts with the famous Anglo French actor, Michael Lonsdale.
Pr Galili let me take pictures of him while he was playing beautiful Iranian melodies of hi composition on the Santur.
Laurent Galili - Santur player
All of that was very conducive to meditation and spirituality. Not your usual Saturday afternoon shopping I would say, and this is what makes life in a big multicultural City like Paris beautiful.

>> Link to Pr Galili’s French website