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Street photography in Paris and the rest of the World

Street photography in Paris and the rest of the World. Roaming the streets of London, Seattle, Paris or Mogador, one finds endless inspiration

On the spur of a moment…

This page is about Street photography in Paris, London and the rest of the World.

Taking pictures in the street is my thing, I like roaming around with my kit to capture the moment. 
I do this every now and often, I walk about with my National Geographic bag on my shoulder and my camera readily armed and I gad about in search of interesting, funny or worrying things. Like this man and his baguette in Versailles, in the Paris region, a classic picture from the City of Lights or Norredine, the chef at à mi-chemin outside his restaurant in the 14th district. One of the most interesting shots I find is that of this gentleman who is leaning on the metal barrier near Alexandre III, a very exclusive part of the City. Here he stands while smoking a cigarette, very casually. 

He even looks rather posh in his thick woolen coat. As this picture was taken in the midst of July I immediately sensed there was something fishy. It’s only when I started looking at his bare feet that I realised the man in question was a tramp. Possibly a former bank manager who suffered a setback and lost everything. I imagine he was thrown out of his flat and found himself out in the street and this is how this photography came to be added here.
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