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photo Mike Elek

My name is Yann, I am a Breton (i.e. a Celt), and I was born in Paris, France. I grew a passion for Art ever since childhood and I have been practising watercolour painting and drawing since the early 1980s.

I have also practised photography since the early 1980s, beginning with a Foca Sport II (an old 1960s French-made camera with a beautiful Angenieux fixed lens). I then practised on a more advanced Canon AE1 Program (from 1981 onwards), and I learned the Art of development in the dark room all by myself, focusing on black & white.

photo KenRockwell.com
photo KenRockwell.com

In 1996, I discovered digital photography – being an Internet pioneer – with one of Canon‘s first digital cameras brought by one of his Unisys colleagues direct from Japan: Canon’s Powershot 600. It was using bespoke proprietary tiny floppy disks. The quality was terrific considering the date, and it took digital cameras a long time to catch up with those ancient wonders (half a million pixels overall, but the quality was excellent; maybe the built-in lens did it). I then purchased a Kodak and wasn’t impressed with it, and I went on to use quite a few bridge format cameras from Olympus and a pocket Fuji camera until I purchased a decent DSLR camera by Sony (née Minolta) in 2007. I then decided to pawn my Sony Alpha 100 in 2011 for the amazing Nikon D7000, a mid-level SLR camera which provides really good shots for a very decent price. In December 2012, I exchanged my Nikon D7000 for a brand new Nikon D600, a full-frame SLR camera very similar to the D7000 and more affordable than the top-end Nikon D800.

Photo Ken Rockwell
Photo Ken Rockwell

A few years later I bought the D810, a 36 MP beast. It’s a great camera, almost a medium format full frame job. Its precision and quality are absolutely amazing as in this shot of a sunflower taken last summer in the Ariège.

click the sunflower to enlarge and you will be able to view all the details (spot that dew on the flower seeds right there in the middle)

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  2. Tiens ! Je possède également un Foca Sport II de 1961. Le même que sur la photo. Malheureusement, le mécanisme de défilement de la pellicule a récemment rendu l’âme.

  3. Huh! Im a complete amateur in photography, though I totally admire what you do. It is probably difficult for a Breton to survive in Parisian jungle… : ) Know what I am talking about as I just came back from my fifth visit there *quite spontaneous, as it was planed as a trip to Bretagne…*

    Greets for you, Id be honoured if you could visit mine blog and say some things about my amateurs pics taken with an old russian analog 😉

    1. Thank you so much Happy. I feel really bad for answering your nice comment only now. I have been very busy lately and I must have overlooked your comment. I am definitely honoured that you have chosen my blog and I will install the bad with pride on my front page. Thank you so much 🙂

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