Ascend There are different meanings to the word. And no doubt that Rothman's (as you can hear in his — her? — beautifully strange LP "The Book of Law") vision of ups and downs has not much to do with climbing steps nor mountains. Ascend in my sense has more to do with the vertical... Continue Reading →

Irreverent Meerkats

Today's theme is Cheeky. Not an easy one if you ask me. I went back to my archive and I found that cheeky lizard up there, ignoring my camera while he was jumping from one rock to the other. My preferred cheeky animals however are the Meerkats.  I like them with their Bambi eyes like... Continue Reading →

Transformational Job

It’s funny that Jen chose transformation for a theme. At that very moment, at the other end of the World, I was hosting a meeting with Joe Pine (photo on the right), he who coined the expression ‘Customer Experience’, in which he was describing five major economy levels. The first one was ‘commodities’ and the last one was… transformation. And just at that moment when Jen posted her piece, I was showing Joe our little Friday exchanges.

Experimenting with light

Today’s theme is experimental and nice Krista let us choose what we wanted so I went for an experiment of mine at the former St Vincent de Paul hospital (aka "grands voisins" until it disappears next Summer; sighs…) In the basement of one of the former hospital buildings there used to be a surgical block. Christopher, a rather nice and excentric American guy, was our host. He is the fourth eye of the foursome 4ème oeil photo studio. He is the one stepping on the roll of paper. Behind him was Christophe, a French photographer who had hired the studio too. I had hired the studio experiment with portraits. I have neither enough space nor enough kit to do that at my office.

Temporary Post

All we do and build in this world is temporary. We don’t look at it this way and yet, with hindsight, once we are dead and buried, who will remember us and what we’ve done. What will become of this website and the 2,000+ blog posts which I have written, not to mention the thousands of pieces written for clients and other blogs and sites. Even our books. Eve our houses, one day, will end up like this one, possibly a stately mansion at the beginning of the twentieth century, yet it’s crumbling to dust now.

A Peek At The Tower

In the 1900s (1888-1902), a famous engraver and artist, Henri Rivière, published 36 block-printed monochrome views of the Eiffel Tower. They were carried out in the Japanese fashion, with woodblocks and limited colouring.

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