Sunset In Provins

Provins is a mediaeval town 50 miles South-West of Paris. Whereas it is still in the Brie region, it used to be part of the Champagne district in the Middle Ages

Post COVID 13th District Walk

After the lockdown, we went down to the 13th district for a walk along the river. Fewer people were wearing masks at that time. They look a lot more terrified now, strangely enough. Coming up for air would have been a good subtitle for this piece. Over there, one can find the great library built... Continue Reading →

Lockdown memories

The back garden had played a huge part when we decided to buy our flat 15 years ago. Then, we forgot about it and moved to other things. The lockdown changed everything. As we couldn't look any further than that we started to rediscover the garden and its flower beds. Just looking by the window... Continue Reading →

Dog Rose (Rosa Canina)

It seems that my readers have a strong liking for flowers. Thus, I have decided to indulge them. As we were gadding about the forest in Marly le Roi, amongst the few orchards that are left, we found this dog rose bush. For those who may not know, this is the wild plant that gave... Continue Reading →

The future is hazy

Mount Rainier National Park - 2016 As I was wondering about this French name so far away from home, I dug a little deeper to find out. As it happens, this has nothing to do with nearby Canada. Mount Rainier was named after rear Admiral Rainier by British Navy Captain George Vancouver, who was a close friend... Continue Reading →

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