Transient Statuary on Alexandre III Bridge

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Today’s Friday challenge is “transient”. Last Sunday I had decided to walk along the river bank thanks to a meet-up discovery tour of the bridges of Paris. Fine, not really new to me but as you know, I’m grounded here, so I’d rather make the most of it and grow a stiff upper lip. Nonetheless, as I was walking past Alexandre III for the hundredth time, I noticed something that I had never spotted before. People on the bridge were looking like statues, only transient ones, and as the Sun and the heat were so intense (above 100° Fahrenheit and upper 30s celsius) colour photography was an absolute no no. So at the end of the day, I was pretty happy with the result. And here I got my transient statuary on the Alexandre III bridge, and these weren’t made at the turn of the twentieth century.

Focus On Focus

11nov lux DSC 5070

Depth of field and bokeh are my favourite subjects. When I saw David’s challenge yesterday I went back to my archive, and found this Nov 2012 album, all shot with a 50mm f:1.4 lens all around my place in Paris, mostly around the Luxembourg gardens. First, a very sharp shot of the Explorers’ fountain in Port Royal. So much water the scene is blurred by the million of droplets frozen by the high speed of my camera.

11nov lux DSC 5051

Cherubs looking towards the Pantheon in the background.

11nov lux DSC 5037

A bunch of flowers works wonders.

11nov lux DSC 5039

Autumn leaves.

11nov lux DSC 5047

One of them had got stuck in the fence of the park’s tennis courts.

11nov lux DSC 5074

Traffic cones. No, we’re not in England. Mostly used to prevent cars from parking on a film shooting scene as there are so many in the area.

11nov lux DSC 5079

19th century building rue du Faubourg St Jacques.

Friendly challenge

This weekend’s challenge is “Friend”.


I used to be a musician, now I’m only a musician by proxy as I have far too little time to practice. Last week we had a chance to tour the Riviera with the Paris 14th district choir and our friends from the Orsay Symphonic Orchestra. I have almost become the official photographer of the choir. I follow my friends – I used to sing with them – wherever they go and I take my cameras and lenses with me. Lighting isn’t always top notch but this time it was, as above with this concert at a hall in Ste Maxime in extremely good lighting conditions.


And I’m not just trying to be Mr nice guy here. They are doing a pretty nice job with these works which are more than challenging. Their rendition of Schubert’s mass in E flat major D950 in Marseille last week was really really good. I was up there on the balcony, next to the 18th century organ in the Church of St Cannat, a 17th century gem in a more than derelict state. I stayed for an hour not daring to move, captivated by the music.  Continue reading “Friendly challenge”


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Last weekend was about evanescence and so was the weekend, evanescent. Even though it was a long one, it disappeared so quickly and we were so busy touring the Riviera with the Wife singing with the the Paris 14th district choir and a symphonic orchestra and me taking pictures that I wasn’t there in time to seize this fleeting moment. Catching up, I went back to this nanosecond in early February when I caught a glimpse of these birds in the sky while every one had their eyes set on the Chinese New Year parade. There was no point in taking the sky, the show was on the street. Yet I pointed my camera upwards and I don’t know how it happened but it seemed all the birds were ideally positioned in the sky to form a figure which I found interesting and only lasted for 1/8000 of a second. What’s that for evanescence?