The future is hazy

Mount Rainier National Park - 2016 As I was wondering about this French name so far away from home, I dug a little deeper to find out. As it happens, this has nothing to do with nearby Canada. Mount Rainier was named after rear Admiral Rainier by British Navy Captain George Vancouver, who was a close friend... Continue Reading →

After the lockdown

We're done with the lockdown. We no longer need to carry our papers around and justify why we need to go to the grocer's or take a stroll. These are pictures of no. 8 Villa Seurat in the 14th District, a stone's throw from where we live. This house is one of 8 modernist architecture... Continue Reading →

Lockdown diary 5

We're nearly done with the easing of the lockdown, which is due tomorrow. Hopefully, there won't be too many cars out in the streets (wishful thinking that is, of course). Meanwhile, let's make the most of these beautiful flowers taken in our garden. Before, and after the storm.  Down in the dirt. More macro photography... Continue Reading →

Before the lockdown 3

Sound like Prehistory now, this early march visit to La Roche Guyon. Pre lockdown, but you wouldn't know because it was before the tourist season and there wasn't anybody there to be seen. A before and after the lockdown session over there wouldn't mean much. The obligatory tilt-shift from above the village La Roche Guyon... Continue Reading →

Lockdown diary 4

I don't know about you but here, with this lockdown thing, our patience is wearing thin. My Mac keeps nagging me for not backing up for 50+ days to the time capsule which has remained in the office. I've read quite a few pages of "This Sceptered Isle", complete with Winston Churchill's comments, going all... Continue Reading →

Lockdown diary 3

The lockdown gave us a chance to discover our garden in the midst of the City. A bit of a luxury if you ask me. Yet, before the lockdown, we were so busy that we hardly ever went there at all. Last Sunday, as I was stretching my legs in our garden while lugging my... Continue Reading →

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