Roses in Gonesse

A selection of roses from Gonesse around its beautiful village church. Such a shame this village was left in a derelict state. At least, things are starting to improve and a number of hovels are being rehabilitated or even pulled down. But let's focus on the bright side of things.   The choir is getting... Continue Reading →

Open House in Montsouris

A couple of weeks ago, it was open-house with the artists' workshops of Montsouris. Here, 2 rue d'Arcueil. Some of these workshops are managed by the municipality of Paris. For once, I wasn't on my bike but I spotted this fixie. I would have been very keen to test it. Opposite rue d'Arcueil, a new... Continue Reading →

Tulips And Blue Thingamidodas

It seems that engagement on my previous brutalist posts was pretty sluggish. My readers don't seem to be into sharp-angled concrete blocks so I thought this picture taken Boulevard St Jacques in the 14th district would be more appealing to you. As to flower names, apart from tulips, I'm useless. Might as well call them... Continue Reading →

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