the menacing guy at the Ganesha festival

Either he was worried about something (maybe the increasing amount of tourists and photographers) or he just has menacing looks and means business ... I don't know. Shot at the 2012 Ganesha Tamil festival which took place in Paris on September 2. From 12-Ganesha-Paris-Sept2012

Paris on Bastille day 2012

Bastille day ... isn't called Bastille day in France but July 14. The military parade which takes place each year on that day is famous and judging by the number of foreign tourists from all over the world who were there, it's not just famous locally. Here are a few pictures which I took last week while standing on the Solferino footbridge. All shots using the 28-300 mm Nikon VR zoom lens which is renowned for its sharpness (and distortion, but Lightroom 4 corrects that properly, easily and automatically).

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