the sky is the limit

I love that view taken from one of the gates of the fortress of Château Thierry in Picardy. I took one some 30 years ago when I managed to snatch a few hours from work as I was a travelling salesman in the region. Much of the fortress is being rebuilt or rehabilitated but this part hasn’t changed a bit in years and one could almost surmise that the same weeds are present. It’s a shame I can’t find the old photo anymore… [Full EXIF details page click here]

vis a vis Vez (Hdr)

The Donjon de Vez is an old medieval fortress north of Paris. Apart from the magnificent architecture and the beautiful setting, the owners used to organise gorgeous contemporary Art exhibitions. My memories of the Venus exhibition of 2003 with sculptures by Arman and Dali are still vivid. Far fewer works of Art remain but the castle is worth a visit anyhow and there aren't too many tourists around.

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