Life imitates Art

Sometimes life imitates Art as Cheri puts it in today’s Friday challenge. This is what happened to me when I last attended a concert organised by the local Choir, of which I am proud to be the official photographer. Besides, my wife sings in that choir and I used to sing there too and it’s... Continue Reading →

Louis Vuitton Foundation

The pristine Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris is a super building designed by Frank Gehry. Certainly the first - and only - interesting building in Paris in the past 20 years. It was high time. November 2014. This installation by Danish/Icelandic artist Oliafur Eliasson. 

Songs From Liquid Days

The hum of the refrigerator is the name of this group of artists responsible for the above installation at Chamarande. Not quite sure about the meaning of the name of this group nor that of the installation but it reminded me of a Song From Liquid Days by Philip Glass. Particularly apt for a fountain... Continue Reading →

Paris 13 Street Art

Paris 13 is a street Art initiative by the Paris town hall in a derelict building which will soon be destroyed. A short term exhibition has been organised in the building which is open to the public for 30 days. We’ll have a chance to see the works of Art inside the building tonight. Last... Continue Reading →

in MontpArTnasse

A few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, I came across that Lady who was sculpting with barrier tape over the vent of an underground train. How's that for a long-lasting work of Art? And a few hundred yards further, rue de Rennes, reflections in a modern glass building. Guess what! I never found that... Continue Reading →

Zen attitude

  Statues don't move... they are a bit like frozen movement. This sculpture - taken at the Belmondo museum in Boulogne near Paris - is particularly beautiful and peaceful.

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