Zen attitude

  Statues don't move... they are a bit like frozen movement. This sculpture - taken at the Belmondo museum in Boulogne near Paris - is particularly beautiful and peaceful.

stretched limo

That area in Montparnasse used to be the epicentre of Art and bohemianism. Now the hovels have been taken down, the area wiped clean and stretched limos roam the streets like anywhere else in the world. 24 mm wide angle shot using my Nikon D600 and the 24-85 mm carry-around lens. Full details page

vis a vis Vez (Hdr)

The Donjon de Vez is an old medieval fortress north of Paris. Apart from the magnificent architecture and the beautiful setting, the owners used to organise gorgeous contemporary Art exhibitions. My memories of the Venus exhibition of 2003 with sculptures by Arman and Dali are still vivid. Far fewer works of Art remain but the castle is worth a visit anyhow and there aren't too many tourists around.

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