Debilly Footbridge From The River

The Debilly footbridge was built for the 1900 World's Fair. Like the Eiffel Tower, the footbridge wasn't meant to stay ... but it did eventually and all tourists, and locals, love it. I captured the reflection of the bridge in the glass roof of the boat while passing underneath. This is a reflex shot because... Continue Reading →

A French Frog

Frogs in France aren't, obviously, coming as a surprise. Yet, this well concealed beautifully sculpted amphibian was lost for many of my photographer friends and only to be found at the foot of one of the statues at the entrance of the Alexandre III bridge.

slipping under the bridge

... under Pont de Sully in Paris to be precise, a modern brick and cast iron job dated 1876, very innovative for its time. All medata including EXIF and geolocation available at this URL. From 12-abstraction

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