made in heaven …

Shot in front of the Cathedral of Rouen in Normandy, at an unusual angle using an 18mm wide angle lens (through a Nikon D7000 APS-C camera hence with a 1.5 magnifying factor, that is to say 27mm in actual fact).

Notre Dame at night

Here is a classic night shot of Notre Dame de Paris taken in the end of March using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique. The shot is in fact the result of the superimposing of 3 different photos of the same scene using 3 different exposures [-2, +2 and 0]. The shot was performed on a very sturdy tripod and a remote so as to prevent the camera from moving. HDR is particularly impressive in night shots because it make near perfect exposure of all parts of the picture possible. Complete Exif data are available on my Picasa page.

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