Lion From Hell (B&W)

Denfert Rochereau is a sort of historical pun. It is the name of a General who fought in the 1870 war against Prussia. Before that, it used to be called “Place d’Enfer” (Square from Hell). As people are wont to call the square "Denfert” it is as if  it hadn’t changed names at all. From... Continue Reading →

Montparnasse: too old to rock’n roll, too young to die

I keep hearing that Montparnasse is no longer what it used to be, that the old spirit is no longer there, that the Montparnos, these bohemian artists aren't around anymore. Well, all the nay-sayers are at it to show that Montparnasse is a thing of the past, dead and buried. But rest assured you lovers of French culture, this is not true.

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