Debilly Footbridge From The River

The Debilly footbridge was built for the 1900 World's Fair. Like the Eiffel Tower, the footbridge wasn't meant to stay ... but it did eventually and all tourists, and locals, love it. I captured the reflection of the bridge in the glass roof of the boat while passing underneath. This is a reflex shot because... Continue Reading →

The Boozy Bike Riders from London

On a beautiful day a couple of weeks ago on the Champ de Mars opposite the Eiffel Tower, I came across ... A bunch of cyclists (I hope they are better at pedalling than French spelling and grammar) as they arrived from London. The race is a charity race named Londontoparisbikeride. It takes place several... Continue Reading →

My first attempt at a 1:1 format picture and I realise now that it fits in beautifully with the blog. Good to know!

Quai Branly Museum in Black and White

I'd originally developed this picture with the colourfade filter. Yet, I prefer it in Black and White because it's all about curves and geometry and not about colour. If you look above the modern buildings you'll catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

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