the garden hose

The Potager du Roi (Kitchen Garden of the King, meaning Louis XIV) was created in the seventeenth Century to produce fresh fruits and vegetables for the King's court. It hasn't changed very much since then (apart from garden hoses of course) and is still maintained by the National School for Landscape Architects, which is also... Continue Reading →

Reverie in the Tuileries

The Tuileries Garden is a safe haven in the middle of a very bustling city. I love that place, even though the weather wasn't too good when I shot that photo. It should be better tomorrow, apparently, Spring is coming, at last, to Europe. Rejoice!

throw down the glove

Gardener's  gloves in fact. Would serve as a nice metaphor when I pitch about the "gardener's touch" in Net Gain (see chapter 7) on how to grow a community. Full EXIF data page here. 5.6 aperture, 1/400 sec (because of a very bright day, not because I was afraid the gloves would move!), 92 mm focal length. From... Continue Reading →

there must be a bug

Caught with my Nikon AFS 105mm macro lens last week-end, a bug is clinging to a lily leaf, cliffhanger-style. I find the colours amazing. No filter, no changes applied [Full EXIF data available here].

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