longing for the Summer

This is my dreaded time of year. Not because of Yuletide family reunions mind you, but because of the dreadful weather conditions and the lack of flowers. So here's to you who are longing for the Summer too. ISO: 100, exposure: 1/250 sec, aperture: 6.3, with my Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro lens. Full details page click here.

wasp and honey bee

Boy! September is hectic isn't it?! I have just checked the antimuseum and it shows that little has been done for a week; I need to make up for it. So here is another macro picture of a wasp. And a hairy one at that, what with its bristles on its body ... hairy beast... Continue Reading →

the ant at antimuseum.com

As promised, here is one of my first macro pictures and that's one of an ant which was ridiculously small even though it doesn't show here. [Full EXIF details of this picture are available here at Picasa - aperture 3.3 speed 1/2,500 sec]. As a bonus, I have now mapped the antimuseum.com domain name to... Continue Reading →

losing my marble

This somewhat surreal shot of a coloured marble table is in fact a macro photo of a fossilised tree. Full details and EXIF data are available from my Picasa repository.

there must be a bug

Caught with my Nikon AFS 105mm macro lens last week-end, a bug is clinging to a lily leaf, cliffhanger-style. I find the colours amazing. No filter, no changes applied [Full EXIF data available here].

the macroscopic fly

Needless to say that the Summer of 2012 is below standards. Hence, this is no wonder that roses aren’t as beautiful as they should be. As can be seen in this macro photo taken a few weeks ago, one can see that the never-stopping rain of the past few months has taken its toll with... Continue Reading →


The new macro AFS 105 mm lens by Nikon is making wonders. The thorns on this cactus taken from within the greenhouse of the Jardin des Plantes looks amazingly sharp and menacing ...

the idea of a leaf

what I love best in a picture is when you capture a detail in a whole and then the whole doesn't matter anymore. All that matters then is the texture, the pattern, the feeling. The following picture isn't that of a leaf, it is the image of the idea of a leaf ...

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