Gadding About Montsouris (B&W)

A stroll down the "villas" (click here for an explanation of what "villa" means in Paris parlance) of Montsouris, South of Paris, a stone's throw from where I live. Some people believe that living in big cities is really stressful, but not all of them. July 2013

Back In The (Other) Saddle

Back home today... My mountain bike is cleaned up, and ready for next year's vacation and I'm now back in the saddle. I shot more than 1,000 pictures in 3 weeks while in the Pyrenees, I will soon develop them and post them here. Villa Montsouris, Paris, July 2013

Picnic in Montsouris

Napoleon III, after his exile in Britain, decided that there would be parks all around the City. Hence the Bois de Boulogne and many others such as Montsouris, which is in fact a converted limestone quarry. A blessing for modern day Parisians and tourists who can bask in the Spring sunshine there. That's where I... Continue Reading →

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