tulip season in Versailles

The Nikon AFS 105mm f/2.8g is a stunning telephoto micro lens. What's more it's a fixed focal lens and therefore forces you to move and frame your subject properly. It captures colours beautifully, so much so that a picture like this one was uploaded as is from Lightroom, without even touching  the light balance. I... Continue Reading →


This little beast was captured with my old Sony alpha 100 camera two years ago. Now that Spring is back I hope I'll be able to capture new pictures of insects and animals, maybe newt week-end as we are planning a shooting trip to Versailles on Saturday.

Morning dew

I took this picture a long time ago with my now defunct Sony alpha 100 which worked wonders as long as a bit of light was showing up... which was the case on that sunny Easter morning 3 years ago.

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