Paris by air

Such a beautiful sight … as the song goes (Tygers of Pan Tang, 1982). As I couldn’t fly, I went to the roofs of the Arab World Institute. January 2014

Trailing Lights on the Champs Elysées

It starts with a picture of trailing lights at dusk, looking towards the Champs Elysées Then I moved, Clockwise, in order to capture the West side of the Arch,still looking towards the Champs Elysées, only slightly later. So that I end up, at nearly 11:00pm turning my back on the Champs Elysées, looking towards the... Continue Reading →

Ghosts In The Machine

Long exposure, 1.6 seconds, the red trailing traces are those of a taxi sign and a couple of headlights and rear lights. What I prefer though are the ghosts on the pavement on the right-hand side. Place de l'Etoile, Paris, 2013

Le Louvre at night (2)

Another shot from Le Louvre at night. Given the weather conditions at the time, I wasn't really free to roam as rain was falling heavily on my camera. One of the reasons I selected this shot, beyond the reflections on the pavement, the Ferris wheel and the arch of triumph in the background (without seeing... Continue Reading →

Le Louvre at night (1)

Le louvre on a rainy night, last Sunday as I was struggling with my tripod and the drops which kept falling on my lens. Taken with my brand new D600 and its beautiful 24-85 mm at f 9 and therefore a considerable DOP . Full details page

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