Galloping Horse

I was walking along the beach in Essaouira taking pictures of kite-surfers when, in a split second, I saw 2 horses pass. Fortunately, my Nikon D600 was at the ready, with autofocus on automatic (rather unusual for me) I pointed and shot and got this still of a galloping horse with the Scala (the Fort... Continue Reading →

longing for the Summer

This is my dreaded time of year. Not because of Yuletide family reunions mind you, but because of the dreadful weather conditions and the lack of flowers. So here's to you who are longing for the Summer too. ISO: 100, exposure: 1/250 sec, aperture: 6.3, with my Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro lens. Full details page click here.

the yellow martini

Of course, there isn't such a thing as a yellow Martini. But it doesn't matter that much. The shot is mostly interesting due to its very shallow depth of field generated by a 1.4 aperture on the Nikon 50mm lens. That thing will let light come in even in the darkest places. From 12-vacete2012-public

the macroscopic fly

Needless to say that the Summer of 2012 is below standards. Hence, this is no wonder that roses aren’t as beautiful as they should be. As can be seen in this macro photo taken a few weeks ago, one can see that the never-stopping rain of the past few months has taken its toll with... Continue Reading →

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