the yellow martini

Of course, there isn't such a thing as a yellow Martini. But it doesn't matter that much. The shot is mostly interesting due to its very shallow depth of field generated by a 1.4 aperture on the Nikon 50mm lens. That thing will let light come in even in the darkest places. From 12-vacete2012-public

vespa scooters

Vespa in Italian, means wasp.  I found these 2 beasts last Sunday while walking the steets of Paris. I liked the fact that the two bikes were the exact same model one yellow and the other red. One can find the red scooter as a reflection in the rear-view mirror of the yellow one too.... Continue Reading →

the sky is the limit

I love that view taken from one of the gates of the fortress of Château Thierry in Picardy. I took one some 30 years ago when I managed to snatch a few hours from work as I was a travelling salesman in the region. Much of the fortress is being rebuilt or rehabilitated but this part hasn’t changed a bit in years and one could almost surmise that the same weeds are present. It’s a shame I can’t find the old photo anymore… [Full EXIF details page click here]

lightdrops, not raindrops

As we were waiting for our starters to be served at a very nice restaurant in Normandy (a stone’s throw from Giverny), overlooking the Seine, the rain started to fall very heavily against the French windows, masking the view, but offering interesting patterns on the window panes. I even noticed that every raindrop was acting as a miniature looking-glass reflecting the light. I then drew my camera from my bag and started shooting like mad. Out of the many pictures I took, I chose the following, slightly underexposed, but in fact a lot more interesting than all others.

the broken bike

I don't know about you but I always feel very sad when I see a bicycle has been degraded. I know I shouldn't, that they are just things after all but I have become so addicted to bikes since early childhood that I can't help it. So I took that picture of a destroyed front wheel of a bike still chained to a railing opposite Notre Dame in Paris. How sad the owner will be when he or she sees this!

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