happy loving couple

What I like best in that picture is the electrical line 60 feet above the ground which makes you think that the couple below is like dragged from above. I lightly post-edited the picture in order to create that eerie atmosphere, strongly emphasised by the clouds and a light vignetting factor. Check the full details... Continue Reading →

heart-shaped vents

Two heart-shaped vents at the foot of a staircase, isn't that cute. Full details page here, ISO 160, exposure 1/320 sec, aperture 4.8, focal Length 42mm with a simple entry-point DX 18.0-105.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens From 12-thomery-22072012

tympanum of the Amiens Cathedral (HDR)

This is an HDR (high dynamic range) rendition of the tympanum of the superb Gothic cathedral in Amiens, which miraculously survived 2 wars in which almost anything else was destroyed. The bombings in 1940 and their result (before/after photograph) can also be seen on this blog. Besides, later in the war, the skilful RAF pilots who bombarded the city to free political prisoners (see operation Jericho) managed to wipe out a great portion of the city while leaving the 13th century building almost intact (see that picture of a hole in the roof of the Cathedral in these Scottish archives on Flickr).

who’s hearing that man’s prayer

Seen in front of Notre Dame last week-end, that man praying on his knees amongst a crowd of tourists who didn't seem to pay attention to anything (not even the cathedral by the way). Has anyone, but God maybe, listened to that man's prayer?

A Week End In The Country

A few weeks ago, a sunny day in Jouarre, 70km East of Paris, out in the country. An old house, late 18th century maybe, part of the local Abbey, used for a charity sale with loads of artefacts on display. Amongs those those canvas chairs propped against the wall, in want of clients ...

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