Rapesed Field By The River Seine

Here's another HDR shot of one of the large bends in the river Seine in Rolleboise, Normandy, in the impressionist country. Strangely coloured cloud formations as well as the bright yellow rape fields made it possible for spectacular skies. The high dynamic range technique is also highlighting all the smallest details in the picture. The mixture of sunshine and clouds is also responsible for the superb light effects such as can be seen on the rapeseeeed fields below the ridge in the background. All EXIF details to be found on Picasa at this url.

Cats and Dogs in Blois

I took this shot at night in Blois, in the Loire Valley. Whereas the whole region is entirely flat (Norfolk-wise), Blois is situated on a high ridge with steep steps leading to its cathedral. It was raining cats and dogs and I captured the scene of the pouring rain which was flowing down the stairs.

hanging bubble chairs in Lyon

I took that shot at Tetedoie, a stylish restaurant in Fourvière, above Lyon in France. The restaurant is packed with designer chairs, stylish furniture and vintage seats like these hanging bubble chairs (invented by a Finnish designer in 1968), definitely back in fashion, be it in LA, London or Paris. Is this is a metaphor for the oncoming Internet bubble?


I had to stand on tip toes in order to take this photograph of a stained glass window through the vents in the door of a tomb at the Père Lachaise churchyard in Paris. A difficult shot in low light and low speed (ISO 500 only, 1/30 sec, focal length 300 mm, full Exif data... Continue Reading →

A Week End In The Country

A few weeks ago, a sunny day in Jouarre, 70km East of Paris, out in the country. An old house, late 18th century maybe, part of the local Abbey, used for a charity sale with loads of artefacts on display. Amongs those those canvas chairs propped against the wall, in want of clients ...

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